JBC Revolution Series


The JBC Revolution Series cone is injection-molded with premium PVC. Cone Base is made out of recycled PVC and permanently bonded to the rest of the cone. The EZ-Grip feature at the top of the cone makes them easier to put out and pick up. They are fluorescent orange and won’t fade because of the UV absorbers in the cone. The 6″ and 4″ collars are high-intensity grade series 3480 reflective sheeting.

  • 18″ (3.5 lb.) Cone without Reflective
  • 18″ (3.5 lb.) Cone with 6″ Reflective Collars
  • 28″ (7 lb.)Cone without Reflective
  • 28″ (7 lb.) Cone with 6″/4″ Reflective Collars
  • 36″ (10 lb.) Cone without Reflective
  • 36″ (10 lb.) Cone with 6″/4″ Reflective Collars (MassDOT Spec.)

Retractable Cone Bar

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  • Orange & white engineer grade reflective makes hazards and coned off areas more visible day and night.
  • Made from PVC, it’s very lightweight and easy to store, the cone bar extends from 5½-10 Ft.
  • Fits over the top of virtually every traffic cone from typical 18”, 28”, and 36” cones to 42” tall Navigator/Looper cones.
  • Perfect for short-term construction jobs, open trenches, closed sidewalks, and event parking.

42″ Looper Cone

Traffix Looper Cone with base

  • Made of durable fluorescent orange low-density polyethylene material
  • Reflective 4″ bands of high-intensity prismatic orange/white reflective material
  • Stem/body of the cone has a tapered design for easy stacking and to prevent tears and scratches to the reflective material
  • 42″ cone is ballasted by a 16 lb. hexagon base made from recycled rubber
  • Top of the cone has a convenient “n” shaped handle for grabbing/maneuvering and a spot for mount a flashing warning light. 
  •  Meets Federal MUTCD specifications and NCHRP 350 approved

42″ Slotted Navigator Cone

  • Designed to assist pedestrians with a safe and accessible route through construction zones. or other public rights-of-way that are temporarily altered.
  • Provides continuous delineation with the top/bottom reflective panels
  • No hardware or tools needed for assembly.
  • Easy to setup, breakdown, transport, and storage.
  • The 16 lb. bases are made from 100% recycled rubber. The plastic panels and slotted cones are blow molded plastic and UV stabilized for longer life. 
  • The Slotted Navigator Cones and Barricade are adaptable to meet a wide range of unique work zones conditions. The unlimited options for designing a safe path for pedestrians to blocking of a trench at night from vehicles make for a very resourceful traffic control product.  
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